Long Experience

With a combined 20+ years experience in the car business, Banzai Auto has connections and prices to get you excellent deals on the car or truck you deserve! We are an official licensed and bonded auto broker sanctioned by the Dept of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In other words, you will have peace of mind dealing with a company who has complied with the requirements mandated by California state law that is intended to keep unscrupulous ones out of the auto business. Combine that security in mind along with our knowledge of the auto industry – we know all the tricks of the trade.

Great Relationships

Through our years of experience Banzai Auto has forged valuable relationships with a network of car dealerships and are able to secure discounted prices which we then pass along to you, the consumer. We are essentially 'professional' car buyers who understand and have the whole car buying process down pat. What does this mean for you? It means a straightforward, no pressure, and no-hassle experience when it comes time for you to acquire your new vehicle.

Solid Reputation

Banzai Auto is your trusty confidant who is on your side when it comes time to lease, or purchase, your next vehicle. Being a licensed company sanctioned by the DMV will ease any anxieties you may have with regards to fraud, deception, and any other negative dispositions you may have had in the past with regards to the auto industry. We will handle all the negotiations with the prices, secure your loan (if needed) with reputable banks, secure you the best financing rates available, and even take in your trade-in as cash. Go ahead and sit on our proverbial broad shoulders and let us handle the tough stuff!